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Liger by Oshinto Liger by Oshinto
Heh, the insperation for this one was given to me by a friend of mines in FFXI, we were taking about a movie (you know wich one... -.-) and then he said that i should draw a liger. So i took and checked upon this "magical" creature and made my drawing based on the info i found. Ironically i made this one a bit hairy than ur normal average liger, since funny, even though they take most of the lions genes the males get little to no mane at all.. they barley even get alot of fur! Another fact is that the liger is probably now the biggest feline type of creature in the world, so i tryed to make this one pretty big and buff looking. Although he might not lookit, i was intending to make him look 8 feet tall, guess il work on that next time :P. forgive the odd mix of coloring as isaid, this is all part of my practice. ^^
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kaciekk Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
his face is like"Oh meh gosh, i'm two in one!!!"
Drags4me Featured By Owner May 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks good xD i want 'em
meathead320 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
Well, you wanted to make him look 8 feet tall in your comment, I think your being too conservative.

A fully grown male Liger average is 12 foot on its hind legs, and average weight 1200 pounds and that is lean weight, over fed ones can tip the scales much higher.

There is one name Nook at an animal sanctuary in Wisconsin that weighed in at 1600 pounds, he was overweight so they put him on a diet 3 years ago, now he is a healthy lean 1200.

There are four litter mate brothers, all ligers at a zoo in Miami that at 3 years old weigh 900 pounds and stand 10 foot on their hind legs. These will continue to grow until age 7.

If they stay lean they will still weigh 1200+ pounds and stand 12 foot on their hind legs. These brothers are Hercules, Zeus, Sinbad, and Vulcan.

These three brothers are now showing signs of growing a modest mane. You are correct, the chances of a liger having a mane is about 50/50 and if they do it will be about half the mane a regular lion gets.

You drew a very nice picture there, I love it. Just keep in mind that if you were to draw a liger with a kodiac bear, that the liger would be every bit as big. You really have to see one of the animals in person to appreciate their titanic proportions.
CatchShiro Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I say, Its anatomically awesome, But no mass! (Shade, and you might get a better pic, and color!)
If you are having color-coordination problems, always play around with basic colors, then mix them all, then choose wich one will balance the other one out. It helps... But above all....

Great pic, and nice coloring! ^_^
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March 12, 2006
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